The Vancouver Shop

Through the Vancouver Shop we design and produce neighbourhood collectibles, gifts & souvenirs. Visit the site and shop around!

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Hastings Sunrise Cooks

We are extremely happy to be part of the Hastings Sunrise Cookbook team. Started by a group of local residents, Hastings Sunrise Cooks is a community cookbook featuring recipes from restaurants in the Hastings Sunrise neighbourhood, as well as interviews with local growers and stories of community involvement around growing and eating food. All proceeds collected go to support a local elementary school and to Backpack Buddies, a Vancouver charity that works with the community to provide enough food to last an entire weekend for over 400 kids in need. Check out the site to purchase your copy.

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The Vancouver Neighbourhoods Project

A collection of logos we created in 2012 to showcase all the distinct neighbourhoods that make up our pretty city. The products we create for the Vancouver Shop are based on these designs. Visit the project site to see them all.

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Denman & Davie Poster for Intersections Exhibition at the Platform Gallery

"The Platform Gallery is an initiative of Working Format, Lizzy Karp, Anthony Casey, and Luis Sanchez....(It) exists to provide graphic designers an opportunity to create work outside of their commercial practice, acknowledging their role in the creation of civic culture. Periodic exhibitions are organized around Vancouver-focused themes intended to celebrate and critique the unique qualities of our city."

State Creative was asked to contribute the poster for Denman and Davie in the West End for the Intersections exhibition, which was on display at the Platform Gallery at Waterfront Station in Vancouver in 2013.

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